Why we love our car fridge – keeping your cool while camping

We all love to get out and about in our 4WD’s. There’s always fun times all around when we head out for anything from a short day trip to a few months crossing this great nation. That’s where owning a car fridge come into their own.

What to look for

We always recommend looking for a car fridge/freezer that:

  1. Choose a size to suit your needs. Don’t go overboard with size. Large car fridges use more energy to run and take up more cargo space in your car, while small car fridges obviously don’t have the same capacity, so think about how much cold storage space you really need.
  2. Get a compressor, not a thermo. Compressors not only use less power overall to run, but they also give a greater range of cooling temperatures to give you the versatility of running a fridge or a freezer (or both if you have a dual-zone fridge!).
  3. Make sure you get an insulated travel cover. Covers make it easier to keep your fridge’s temperature constant, meaning less power is needed to keep everything cool. Less power means more run time.
  4. Make sure your fridge has solid handles or tie-down points. The last thing you want is for your fridge to start moving, or worse. Car fridges are heavy, and if you have an accident they can become airborne pretty quickly. No one wants a heavy fridge coming at the back of their head!
  5. Make sure there’s an Australian warranty. There’s a lot of “grey imports” around these days that have a warranty… as long as you’re in China. Buy from an Australian-based company (like us) to ensure that you get the service and support that you need.

Our range of car fridges and fridge-freezers has all of these features, and more. Check them out today, and make sure that your next trip has all of cold gear that you could ever need well taken care of.

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