Top 10 4WD Accessories

One of the biggest questions that we hear is “What do I need for my 4WD?” We’ve put this list together with our Top 10 4WD Accessories that you should have when you get off the beaten track.

We’ve broken this list into three parts – ‘Must-haves’, ‘Should-haves’ and ‘Not essential, but useful’.


  1. Bull Bar – This is a must for anyone travelling away from the city. Australia has a well-deserved reputation for “killer roos” that come out of nowhere and can destroy the front of your car.
  2. Recovery Points – These are needed for every recovery situation. Don’t rely on factory tie down points as these are not rated for recovery and can cause serious injuries or damage when they break.
  3. Second Battery – Great for running your extra electronics, fridge and lights, but also great for when your main battery dies in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Tyres – Good tyres that suit your driving and location. Some people will need all-terrain, some will need something more aggressive. Remember that mud tyres are really only made for mud so don’t think that they are the best everywhere just because they look chunky!
  5. Air Compressor – Essential for adjusting tyre pressures.
  6. Recovery straps (snatch, equaliser bridle, extension, shackles, damper, etc) – What you take will depend on your vehicle, but at least make sure that you have a good snatch strap and two rated shackles to attach it to both vehicles.
  7. First aid kit – Never leave home without this! There’s a lot of good options out there, so go and buy one – or more!
  8. Recovery Tracks/Boards – These are the best way to get yourself out of trouble when you get stuck, and you will get stuck.
  9. Tool kits (spanners, sockets, screwdrivers, jumper leads, fuses)
  10. UHF Radio – This may be the only communication that’s available when you get into the remote parts of Australia, so make sure that you have it set up and you know how to use it.

Should have:

  1. Shovel – Good for recovery and general digging. Can also be used for a cooking surface if things get desperate.
  2. Diff Lockers – Helps with traction in a lot of situations.
  3. Diff breathers – Really useful if you’re doing water crossings.
  4. Driving Lights (spotlights and LED lightbars) – No need to go overboard, but having more light at night makes your driving a lot easier.
  5. Drawers – Great for organsing things in your cargo area.
  6. Roof Rack – Gives you more storage.
  7. Hi-lift jack (only in this section because not all vehicles have jacking points)
  8. Rear bar – This may save a bumper or two and help your vehicle to be stronger on the bumps on the tracks. You can also add spare wheels and jerry can holders.
  9. GPS and maps – Electronic is good, but also remember that paper maps don’t ever run out of batteries.
  10. Suspension upgrade – This will help you handle the tracks, ruts and corrugations better.

Not essential, but useful:

  1. Satellite Phone
  2. Fridge
  3. Awnings
  4. Winch (powered or manual)
  5. Tyre repair kit
  6. Smartphone
  7. Spare parts (hoses, belts, wheel bearings, etc)
  8. Spare key
  9. Fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  10. Matches and/or lighters

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