Toyota announces “No more 4WD’s” starting from July 2020

Toyota Motor company has boldly announced that June 2020 will see the last of their 4WD and large SUV vehicles roll of the assembly lines. The reason given for this in a statement by Toyota’s Japanese marketing head, Orokana Hito, is:

With the problems that we’ve had with the diesel emissions, DPF and too much competition Toyota has decided to cease production of all SUV and four-wheel-drive vehicles to ensure our commitment to our environment is held safe.

The DPF issue is the worst. Everyone blames us for not getting it right, but have you looked at Volkswagen? They’re a lot worse then we ever could be! They even fudged emissions testings – something we’d never do.

With the demise of the Holden brand in Australia, we are predicting a major downturn in demand for these vehicles.

The release goes on to state that the following vehicles will not be produced after 30th June 2020, and will only be available for sale until stocks run out:

  1. Landcruiser (all varients)
  2. Prado
  3. Hilux
  4. Fortuner
  5. Kluger

The press release goes on to say:

Thanks to our amazing range of hybrid and electric vehicles, we don’t feel that there will be any gaps in the market. We already offer an amazing range that will suit every purpose out there.

For the hard-core off-roaders out there, we are adding a new four-wheel-drive sports utility variant of the popular Yaris, complete with over-sized tyres, raised suspension and a class-leading full 1,500kg payload!

As a final note, to try and avoid as much controversy as possible, Orokana Hito added this remark:

We deeply regret that we’ve had to take these actions, especially on this day, but our engineers have left us with no choice!

What does everyone think of this latest development? How will the other big players like Nissan respond to the new models? Who’s going to switch to the new off-road Yaris? What will we all be driving now?

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. A Big thank you goes out to everyone that enjoyed out little April Fools article.

    We hope you didn’t get too scared by this!

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